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Yule and Muggle Holidays

So it's that time of year. I've bought gifts but I won't be giving them until after the new year. At least not unless your name is Suzy.

I'm just not in the mood to buy into it all this year. I can't bring myself to play these holiday games and pretend all is perfect. Nothing is and I'm sorry to all I love and adore but I'm just not in the holiday mood this year.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, the_babycat sent to me...
Twelve cygnet_committes drumming
Eleven thewolf_insides piping
Ten eitherwilldos a-leaping
Nine mercurialnatures dancing
Eight hogwarts a-spellcasting
Seven wereleopards a-teasing
Six poisons a-cheating
Five po-o-o-otions
Four werewolves
Three dark arts
Two killing curses
...and a slytherin in a superiority.
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Charmed against all

Perhaps I am onto something. Is this what has been missing? Is this what I need? To try and carry on so that Suzy might have the world and life she deserves? she is not only a Lestrange but a Malfoy as well. She deserves all that the world can give her. This world and our own.

She deserves the right to be the pureblood witch that she is. The fates worked for me in this. They gave me Draco's child and not Johnny's that she might be that which she deserves.

Now to give her the world she deserves.
As she had promised Severus, Tam had rested but not for long. A few hours had been enough. Showering, she padded into the bedroom in sweats and a sports bra. Fuck clothing, she was washing too much as it was.

Pausing with her hand on the bottom of dreamless, she instead checked Leela's vitals. Putting the bottle back, she worked on changing the bandages, gentle and tender as she checked all the wounds and moved about her limbs to keep them from growing too stiff.


There were some ways one's evening should not end. Having Gabe walk in with some creepy bastard in all black carrying the broken and bloody body of a good friend? Tops that list. Her shock only lasted a moment before she moved into action. Stripping all but the bottom sheet from her bed, she nodded for them to place her there before running through the house, Libby at her heels, and down to the lab.

Gathering what she needed, she dumped it all into a flameless cauldron and, moving a bit slower under the weight, she dashed back to the bedroom. Gabe stood by the door, eyes narrowed, staring at the man. His hair was longer than even Nathaniel's had been, long and black and fathomless and to his ankles. It matched his eyes and that was disconcerting.

Tamarantha didn't hesitate. She just pushed him back, using her considerable, though deceptive strength, to wrangle him away from her patient. Those were words she'd never thought to use, even if she'd been trained in basic magical medicine as, when one is at war, one must make do.

First the major wounds. Binding her midsection first, laying the flaps of skin together as best she could though Tamarantha knew better than to even try and stitch it. For now just stabilize and keep her alive. Binding the larger wounds, wrists and the like, as best she could, setting numbing charms in her path as she went. Once those charms were set, before she began the truly painful work, she carefully drizzled a sleeping draught past Leela's lips, making sure she stayed in a painfree, dreamless slumber.

The bones were next. Easy enough with the right incantation. What was not easy was laying out each limb, feeling the bone grinding against itself as she worked her way from toes to head, healing each crack and fracture. She wasn't sure how long she was at it, not noticing the sweat that soaked her shirt, the way she trembled as she surveyed the damage. The bleeding had stopped, Leela would likely walk again.

If she lived. Raising her head, Tamarantha looked to the men. But Gabe and the dark man were gone. She was alone, for the moment. Had she been alone the whole time? That she didn't know, absorbed in her work as she'd been. Collapsing in a chair in the corner, she thought of how nice a shower might feel. Listening to the morning birds chirp, she realized sleep might be nice as well. Soon as someone was here to watch over Leela. Soon as she knew her patient was okay.

Soon as she had answers and a name. Someone was going to die.

Just a note

Bridal dresses are amazingly stupid. They're big and full of weird frippery. Like lace and sixty meter trains. Prom gowns seem designed for whores. And everything that comes in green is in horrid shades of seamfoam or such a dark green it seems black.

I may well go starkers to my own wedding.

Private time [Locked to Zane]

Washed, dried, powdered and dressed, Suzy lay half asleep and gurgling happily in her crib as Tamarantha closed the door and slipped out of the room. Smiling as she moved into the bathroom, cleaning up the strewn baby clothes and used towels.

She worked carefully. The water laden with bubbles, scented oils and a drifting of rose petals that floated over the surface. Scented candles added to the softly floral scent that drifted on the steam that was slowly filling the bathroom. Stripping down, she opened the door a little.

"Zane? Baby? Come here a minute?"


Whoa. This would be what panic is.

Okay, uhmm, yeah. I am getting married. Again. And I have to plan it this time and I should be sleeping but I can't and I don't know what I'm doing to do. I don't have a dress, and he wants shrimp and to be barefoot and I have no idea what I want because this was never going to happen. Certainly not once and then twice? How can I do this to him? I don't want to ruin his life. Love him so much and he's amazingly special and sweet and charming and sexy and amazing and I said that and it's like two in the morning and he's asleep and I'm sitting here in the lab going insane because soon I'm going to marry Zane and what if I ruin his life and apparently panicking makes me forget how to punctuate and...

I don't want to ruin his life. Oh bloody stars and moon, I don't want to destroy him.